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Glass Partitions
Glass or glazed partitions are constructed entirely of glass held in place with head and floor detail and with joints filled with silicon mastic. Glass partitioning systems are available that produce a frameless appearance to the partitioning. Curved or straight panels can be installed.

This type of partitioning is normally constructed as single glazed units. Double glazed glass partitions have the advantage of better sound insulation. We can also offer an option of blinds that can also be included between the pieces of glass if extra privacy is required. Decorative films can be applied to the glass, “manifestation”, for example, the company logo or banding of corporate colours. There are even glazed partitioning systems where the transparency of the partitions can be altered by flicking a switch.

Glass partitions create a light and airy environment, ideal for modern open plan offices.

Glazed partitions are not normally fire rated but can be made more fire rated with special glass. They are, however, easy to relocate if necessary. Making office’s that little bit more environmentally friendly.

Doors are normally glass but can be solid if needed, but we have installed offices with timber and metal doors in the past each equally viable dependant of styling required. They can be fitted on patch hinges, floor mounts or sliding rails (where space is at a premium), in frames or frameless systems. They can also be automated if required.
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