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Sitec Projects has the ability to design and construct suspended ceiling systems of all types and complexity, from modular grid right through to sophisticated, purpose built, high performance suspended ceilings.

The right ceiling can improve the office environment greatly. For example, ceilings can be installed that alter acoustic qualities according to what is required in the workspace. A meeting room would need very different acoustics compared with an open plan office space. The right type of suspended ceiling can achieve the exact acoustic properties you want as a client for each space.
There are a number of issues to consider when choosing the right type of suspended ceiling for your office:
  • Fire protection. Differing levels of fire protection are obtained from the various types of ceiling available
  • Acoustics, the right suspended ceiling can achieve the balance between intelligibility, privacy and concentration needed in different workspaces
  • Light reflectance, a ceiling with that reflects more light can reduce lighting and electricity costs Humidity resistance. Kitchens and washrooms may require ceilings that can withstand high levels of air humidity
  • Soil resistance and cleanability, environments that are subject to a lot of dirt such as certain manufacturing sites may need ceilings that can resist dirt and are easy to clean
  • Anti-microbial performance, the control of bio-contamination is essential in healthcare settings such as hospitals and commercial kitchens
  • Air quality, the number of airborne particles can be limited by the correct choice of ceiling - important for cleanroom environments
  • Durability
  • Accessibility and maintenance, if it is important to have ease of access to the ceiling void, then Newbury Interiors can recommend choices that suit you
  • Design and finishing. Certain types of suspended ceiling can be custom-made to produce a unique and individual effect. A variety of paint finishings may be available too
  • Ease of installation
  • Cost
  • With access to a vast range of modern components, we are confident that Sitec Projects can provide ceiling solutions to meet your performance specification and budget.
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