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Aluminium Systems / Stud Partitioning
Aluminium system office partitions (also known as Stud Partitioning) are made with single or double layers of normal plaster wallboard fixed each side of the studwork framing. Solid panel joints can be covered with clip-in aluminium sections, which can be SAA or colour coated, or taped and filled to give a seamless flush wall. Glazed windows can be incorporated into the partitioning, single or double glazed, utilising frames or clip-in PVC glazing beads. These often incorporate venetian blinds.

This type of office partition can be fire rated and can be upgraded utilising a mineral fibre or fibreglass infill to provide good acoustic performance. Stud partitioning is a flexible product that can easily be configured to a particular design and can be finished in a wide range of options whist remaining a relatively cost effective system.

Doorframes can be proved to match the system framework and fitted with suitable veneered doors and appropriate ironmongery.
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